Criminal & Municipal Courts

Sometimes even good people get into bad trouble. A mistake in judgment, a careless moment, an act of desperation and┬ábefore you know it you find yourself facing serious legal consequences. These problems won’t go away on their own and without proper legal representation from a criminal law attorney they may even get worse. It is well documented that good people are paying for crimes that were committed by other, or when they were not an active participant in the criminal event.

If you have made a mistake earlier in your life, it will remain on your permanent record and it will come back to haunt you. These mistakes can even ruin employment opportunities. It may be possible for you to expunge your record, sealing it legally and discreetly. In the field of juvenile law, a young individual’s life can be permanently shaped by a court’s decision. A criminal record can negatively impact your chances for a good education and lucrative employment.

Traffic violations, no matter how minor they may seem, can come with serious consequences, such as heavy fines, loss of license for long periods of time, and even county jail time of up to six (6) months.