Reflection Before Signing Your Divorce Settlement

When finalizing your settlement agreement in divorce, you and your attorney must make the time to be sure what you think you are agreeing to is clearly stated in the marital settlement agreement.

It means making sure each person is actually agreeing to the terms that will guide their future interactions when there are obligations and rights, such as parenting and visitation time with the parties’ children, or financial issues, such as child support, health care expenses, alimony or other financial matters.

Making good financial decisions during divorce is critical to the outcome of a fair and just settlement. These decisions can be overwhelming to a spouse who has not handled the finances in the marriage, the professional with too much going on, or for a family with a special needs child. These decisions can also be difficult for someone overwhelmed with the emotion aspects of a divorce. In today’s times of high stress jobs, long commutes and little time to reflect, it can be difficult even for the financially savvy to ensure all assets and debts have been properly accounted.

Having an experienced attorney can help prevent unintentional or unforeseen consequences. A poorly or ambiguously worded agreement may cause trouble shortly after it is signed or when unanticipated situations arises years later.